Areas for Pattern Mining Inside and Beyond IT

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After nearly twenty years of pattern mining, many important areas in software development and beyond are covered by patterns. At the same time, many new areas have emerged for which no or few patterns have been documented yet. In which areas are patterns still missing?

With this question in mind, an open space session was held at the EuroPLoP 2012 pattern conference. Andreas Rüping, who moderated the session, summarized the propositions that were made by the participants.

The result is the following list of topics and domains where pattern mining might prove valuable. This list may be a starting point for those interested in documenting new patterns:

Software development:

  • Highly Scalable Web Applications
    • Architecture
    • Data storage
  • Cloud Computing
    • Development / Architecture
    • Deployment / Operations
  • Mobile Applications
    • Cross Platform Development
    • Adjusted User Interfaces
    • HTML 5 / New Generation of Web Applications
  • Architecture Evaluation
  • Functional Programming
  • Robotics
  • Data Visualisation
  • Internationalisation
  • Browser as Operating System

Beyond Software Development

  • Product Development
  • Product Life-cycle Management
  • Business Startups
  • Business Models
  • Green IT
  • Lean Production
  • Working as a Freelancer
  • Collaboration between Industry and Academia
  • Writing a PhD
  • Publications
  • Create a Journal

Writing a pattern for the first time can be difficult. How to Write a Pattern – A Rough Guide for First-Time Authors is a guide for every new pattern author.

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